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Dormant Resume Screening

Human Resources Redefined

Do you have a huge collection of profiles or resumes from past recruitment drives?

Good! because we have systems which can store and analyze these profiles for your future recruitment drives too.

Sometimes we go looking for something that’s just an arms length away. Dormant resumes are just that kind of thing.

We have recruiters who are experienced on various skills. Based on your recruitment needs, Inspire Consultancy Services provides you one or more dedicated recruiter(s) from our pool, for the period of time you desire (minimum of one month engagement needed, extendable in one-month intervals). The recruiter screens the profiles and validates the screened resumes from your existing database. Our recruiter then calls up the candidates to find if the candidates have the right skills and experience, and are willing to join your organization.

Advantages to you:

  • You do not have to pay for the services of an recruitment database vendor – you are reusing your own assets.
  • Since the candidates would have approached you in the first place, their loyalty levels would be higher than a new candidate who did not have your company on their job radar.